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How Probate Can Be a Disaster Without Proper Legal Representation

When a loved one passes away, and previously prepared a plan for their estate, it typically must go through probate. There is a myriad of issues that can come about during probate, and experienced legal counsel is one way to make the process as smooth as possible.

Family Troubles

Some of the most common difficulties that occur during probate are familial disagreements. There are times when one family member may feel as though they have not been given the proper inheritance or challenges the validity of a will.

These contested wills prove to be challenging when going through probate and prove to be even more taxing on the family itself. As a firm, we are able to assist with contested wills to help determine the best course of action for the benefit of the entire family. We also understand that losing a loved one can be mentally challenging, and having experienced legal counsel can provide a level-headed perspective on the situation.


All you should have to worry about when going through probate is respecting the wishes of your passed loved one, and one aspect of probate that can become difficult without an attorney is dealing with tax concerns.

Having experienced legal representation can help minimize estate taxes as much as possible. In New Mexico, you are subject to the federal estate tax if the estate being inherited is worth more than $11.18 million or if the inheritance includes property from another state. Hiring an attorney can provide assistance in wading through any complications, as well as the possibility of filing taxes on behalf of the deceased.

Handling Assets

Hiring an attorney to help with the probate proceedings provides a major advantage when handling assets. We are able to help collect and appraise any presented property, as well as managing any life insurance proceeds to ensure no boxes go unchecked.

We are also able to assist in paying the descent’s bills and settle any outstanding debts while completing all probate-related documents.

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